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2015 Fall Peoria Soccer Club Futures

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 Peoria Soccer Club Futures is the foundational program for developing young players just starting the game of soccer. It provides the basics they need today to help develop them into the confident, skilled and creative players on our elite Peoria Soccer Club travel teams.


Why Peoria Soccer Club Futures?

PSC believes that basic skill development is the first building block needed for young players. Participants in the PSC Futures program enjoy a variety of activities that are soccer related and focused on age appropriate player development. Classes are constantly building on each other and our coaches use curriculum that is both age and skill level appropriate. Peoria Soccer Club Futures training sessions are non-competitive and use fun techniques to train advanced motor skills, dynamic dribbling, shooting, and passing skills and improve overall player fitness.


What are the benefits of Peoria Soccer Club Futures?

Improve Child Fitness: The ultimate and very best justification for participating in PSC Futures is your goal to significantly improve your child’s fitness levels, providing their children with a “head start” towards a viable and legitimate specific sporting goal.


Maximize Fun: We use fun games, dynamic movement, and a soccer ball to make our program the most enjoyable and beneficial athletic activity for children.


Quicker Skill Acquisition: Soccer is the only sport in which a child has to move a ball with their feet while simultaneously maintaining balance and changing direction. This develops greater fine and gross motor skill acquisition than alternative sports and general P.E. classes.


What is the cost?

Each 8 week session costs $50.00 per player which includes:

  • One 45 Minute Session per week

  • PSC Futures T-Shirt


Time and Location:

  • Each Session Runs for 8 weeks

  • Practice day of the week TBD

  • 4:30PM-5:15PM

  • Detweiller Park

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