Players from..Peoria, E. Peoria, Dunlap, Washington, Morton, Metamora, Chillicothe, Pekin


2018-2019 Fall Tryouts

Monday, June 4 - Thursday, June 7

Tryouts held at Detweiller Park


Players from...Peoria, E. Peoria, Dunlap, Washington, Morton, Metamora, Pekin, Chillicothe


Boys and Girls Tryouts Ages 5 years – 18 years


Multiple locations on both sides of the river

State of the Art facility centrally located in Peoria



Multiple teams at almost every age and level


Since 1978 PSC has been giving children ages 5 - 18 the opportunity to realize their potential as soccer player’s, using the sport to teach values of teamwork, sportsmanship, personal fitness, integrity, and perseverance, providing the foundation and advantages of playing in a structured, learned, environment. Being a non-for-profit assures you that all the time and dedication is given to your child and the club. The soccer training and game preparation is developed and taught by one of the most experienced and gifted Directors of Soccer in the State, the clubs soccer philosophy is implemented by top-notch licensed coaches who have passion and love for the game and the club is guided by professionals in the community who give their time and energy to ensure the club remains sustainable and the values are never forgotten.

PSCL Boys Tryout Schedule Fall 2018 Draft 5-15-18
The Yard December 2016 - OBrien 163
seasoned soccer
The Yard December 2016 - OBrien 113

Tryouts & Evaluations – Overview

We understand that travel assessments can be a stressful time, whether it’s your first or fourth time through it. We hope that a brief explanation of the process will help alleviate some of that stress and let your child better enjoy their travel soccer experience.

The goal of the assessment process is to maintain a fair, objective, and thorough process for assessing player abilities and skills in order to place each player on a team that will best challenge their current level of play.

PSC uses a two-part process to place players on appropriate teams:

  • Tryout Days: Over the course of two days, club coach coaching staff will observe players in a series of technical drills, tactical activities, and small-sided scrimmages. These are designed to enable players to demonstrate competency in a variety of soccer skills and abilities. The process is designed to provide an unbiased view and opinion of each player’s capabilities relative to his or her peers.
  • Coaches’ Evaluations: Written or verbal evaluations with placement recommendations for club players are conveyed by head coaches & assistant coaching staff to the director of coaching who will be overseeing execution of the tryout process.

Coaches evaluate players based on technical fundamentals (dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting) physical attributes (speed, agility, strength, quickness) tactical awareness (individual attacking & defending, building an attack in small groups, team defending, and individual/team ball possession. The intangible characteristics of coachability (positive attitude, effort, competitive drive) and overall potential are equally weighted considerations.

Two-Day Tryout Format

We hold a two-day tryout, compromised of a different format on each day. All of the drills have been covered in this season’s multi-team training nights, so they should be familiar to almost all players.

  • Day 1 is Technical Skills Day
  • Day 2 is Tactical Skills Application & Game Day

Day 1: Technical Skills Day – On the Technical Day there will be 4-5 different stations where each player will have the opportunity to perform a core fundamental skill. Each station offers a different technical challenge in a more realistic environment.

  • Station 1 – Dribbling Skills

Focuses on ball control with the different surfaces of the foot

  • Station 2 – Passing and Receiving

Focuses on short & long passing accuracy along with first touch receiving passes

  • Station 3 – Turning drill

Focuses on change of direction using various turns

  • Station 4 – Shooting

Focuses on the ability to beat the keeper with either power or finesse

  • Station 5 – 1v1 Attacking & Defending

Focuses on the ability to beat a defender/stop an attacker in one on one                          situations-emphasis on winning possession in 50/50 ball competitions

Day 2: Tactical Skills & Game Day – Tactical skills involving attacking, defending, and team possession in partners or small groups will be the focus of day 2 with small-sided scrimmages following in the 2nd half of the evaluation. Each player will play multiple scrimmages where they will be viewed by professional coaches in the game environment.                                                            Note: It is very important for players to attend both tryouts for their age groups

  • Station 1 – 1v1 Attacking & Defending

Focuses on the ability to beat a defender/stop an attacker in one on one                          situations where players alternate as defender or attacker.

  • Station 2 – 2v1/3v2 or 5v2 Possession (dependent on age group)

Focuses on team ball possession to build a scoring opportunity in small-sided numbers up situations

  • Station 3 – 2v2 Attacking & Defending

Focused on teamwork where pairs work together to attack/defend in even-numbered situations

  • Station 4 – Small Sided Scrimmages

Focuses on the ability to beat the keeper with either power or placement

Team Placements

After the tryouts are completed, the observations of club evaluators for each age group become the basis for player placements. Players will be ranked based on their performance during evaluations. If a player is absent from one or more tryout days, they will be ranked based on the evaluator’s relative impressions and may be offered and additional tryout opportunity. Head coaches and assistant coaching staff will communicate their determinations in collaboration with the DOC to finalize team rosters. In some cases, an informal and unbiased evaluator(s) may be utilized to assist in the selection process.

Head coaches will notify new players of their invitation or on-going consideration to a team within 48 hours of the final tryout date. A formal letter of invitation will also be sent from PSC with club expectations, fee structure, calendar overview, and registration information. Players who are not selected for a team may be recommended as practice players or for additional training programs so they can build on their skills to play at the competitive level in the future.