RCSI 2017 Registration & Fees

 The Peoria Soccer Club will host its 36th Annual River City Soccer Invitational at scenic Detweiller Park in Peoria, Illinois on the weekend of

June 2-June 4, 2017.

Peoria is located halfway between Chicago and St. Louis in the heart of Illinois!  It is easily accessible from Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis.
Detweiller Park is nestled directly alongside the Illinois River.  Peoria has a vibrant riverfront, where an easily accessible, metropolitan lifestyle meets stunning natural beauty!
Don’t miss your chance to be a part of one of the longest running soccer tournaments in Illinois. 
Bring your team and spend an entire weekend in Central Illinois!


                                    AGE:                                FEE:


U07-U08                                $350

U09-U10                                $520

U11-U12                                $560

U13-U19                                $590



Gotsoccer Registration 

USClub Example Form

IYSA Tournament Roster Form

IYSA Medical Release Form

Guest Player Permit Form

NON-IYSA/US Soccer Team Agreement



 US Club/IYSA Guest Player Rules:


 US Club Players guesting with an IYSA team MUST obtain an IYSA “Individual Player Pass.”   The cost is $15 per player pass.


AFTER all paperwork is received, it takes 48 hours for IYSA to process the pass.  Note, however, that no passes are processed on Fridays.


Here is the link to the IYSA web page: 



IYSA’s Insurance coverage mandates that all players on the field have medical insurance.  If a US Club player is guesting on an IYSA affiliated team, US Club is not going to provide medical coverage for that player.  If injured, the player may look to the Tournament, and the team that he is guesting with, to pay his/her medical costs.  IYSA’s Insurance provider will deny any Claim, potentially leaving the Tournament and club responsible because the player had no affiliation with IYSA.


US Club teams may NOT have guest players from an IYSA affiliated team playing on their IYSA Player Pass.  Those players MUST have US Club Guest Player passes in order to play with a US Club affiliated team.  The reason:  IYSA’s Medical Insurance provider is not going to provide medical coverage for players who are not playing with an IYSA team.


At tournament registration/check-in, the teams will present rosters, coaching passes and players passes.  All the passes, including Guest Players, must come the same US Soccer organizational member, e.g., all IYSA affiliated passes – or all US Club affiliated passes.





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