“Professional soccer player Geoff Cameron spent most of his childhood juggling a soccer ball; he now is a rising star for the Houston Dynamo of the MLS. Cameron preaches about the importance of juggling for any young soccer player”.

The Value of Juggling

It is the cornerstone of perfecting ball control, improving touch and balance which have tremendous impacts on your game performance. It is the act of keeping the ball off of the ground. This means using any part of your body…laces, thigh, head and chest to maintain control of the ball in the air without using your hands.

1. Touch Juggling

Juggling helps you perfect your touch so you can better control balls coming at you from all heights and in all situations. You will also notice that your improved touch makes it easier to control passes and keep control of the ball while dribbling.

2. Balance and Agility

To succeed in soccer you need to be able to keep your body in control and make quick adjustments and changes of direction. You need to make a move seamlessly without losing speed or stumbling. Juggling improves your balance and agility.

Best Ways to Practice Juggling

Juggling at its core is about as simple an exercise as you can imagine – just kick the ball up and don’t let it hit the ground…sounds easy.

● Practice your dominant foot first

● Juggle in sets, for example; right foot, right thigh, left foot, left thigh, repeat.

● Juggle with no spin on the ball.

● Juggle while moving forward

● Set number of juggle goals, such as 50, 100, etc…

● Keep the ball at different heights, below waist or above head.

Most importantly Juggle; at home, in the yard, on a walk, before practice, when your bored, just keep juggling!